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Randall P. Prince, DDS, FAGD

Restore and Preserve Your Oral Health with Endodontics and Root Canal Therapy

When the dental pulp of a tooth becomes infected, root canal therapy is the only treatment that can save the tooth and prevent extraction. Dr. Randall P. Prince performs trusted, proven endodontics at our Dyersburg, TN, dental practice and can perform root canal therapy to protect your oral health. This procedure eliminates the infected dental pulp and replaces it with a biocompatible substance. A realistic, durable porcelain crown can then cap the tooth to restore functionality. Dr. Prince’s primary goal is to preserve as much of the tooth as possible, maintaining your healthy smile and improving your comfort.

What is Endodontics?

Endodontics refers to treatments that address the inner workings of your teeth. These procedures can address the pulp, or sift tissue that is at the center of your teeth. The dental pulp contains nerves and blood vessels that connect to the rest of the mouth and body. Removing infection from the inside of your tooth is vital to protect your oral and overall health.

Root canal therapy can preserve your damaged tooth, preventing the need for extraction and costly future restorative procedures to rebuild your smile.

How Do Root Canals Become Infected?

The root canals of the teeth can become inflamed or infected for a variety of reasons. Tooth decay is one of the most common causes of infection, but other causes may include:

  • Repeat dental procedures
  • Cracks or breaks that allow bacteria to enter the inside of the tooth
  • Injuries to the tooth that do not result in external damage

Infection within the tooth can lead to severe discomfort that requires professional treatment for relief.

What is Root Canal Therapy Like?

The pain often associated with root canal treatment is often caused by the inflamed or infected tissue, not the procedure itself. Undergoing root canal therapy is typically no more uncomfortable than receiving a dental filling. To minimize pain during treatment, Dr. Prince uses local anesthetics and oral conscious sedation. He also uses highly advanced technology and techniques to further improve your comfort.

After taking scans to locate the infected canals, Dr. Prince will isolate the infected tooth with a rubber dental dam. Using special instruments, he can access the inside of the tooth to remove the damaged or infected pulp from the roots. Once he has removed all infection, he will sterilize and fill the tooth with the biocompatible material and then seal the tooth with a temporary crown. The entire procedure can take a half hour to two hours or more, depending on the location of the tooth. Before placing your temporary, we will take impressions of your tooth to send to a dental lab where a technician will create a lifelike, custom porcelain crown. Patients can generally return in about two weeks to get their final crown placed.

Root canal treatment

Why is Root Canal Therapy Beneficial?

When left untreated, an infection is likely to result in tooth loss. Even worse, infection can spread to the jawbone, bloodstream, and other areas of the body. By seeking root canal treatment to eliminate infection, you can not only save your tooth, but you could also protect your overall health. In addition, you can relieve painful symptoms and improve your quality of life. Root canal therapy can preserve your damaged tooth, preventing the need for extraction and costly future restorative procedures to rebuild your smile.

Preserve Your Oral Health

Dr. Prince’s extensive experience and knowledge helps to ensure success rates of over 90 percent for our patients. He can provide the effective, comfortable root canal treatment you need. If you are experiencing pain in one or more teeth, contact our office online or call (731) 286-1583 right away to schedule an appointment.

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